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Our home is private to us and all our loved ones and family are there, therefore installing an intercom system for a private home will make you feel secure in the privacy of hostile and harmful parties.

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Installing walkie-talkies in private homes has proven to be both a deterrent and a calming factor. Think about it, even if you are busy, working, watching your favorite show, folding your clothes, cleaning the children’s room, suddenly the doorbell rings, and then the other side of the house starts shouting “open the door” or “who’s there” or something like that .

Instead, using a home radio, you can make communication simple, smart and efficient.

Before choosing an intercom system for private residences, it is important to receive professional and practical guidance and advice adapted to your personal needs as well as the local conditions and budget.

Therefore, it is very important to install a home intercom with a reliable, skilled company, using state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable and highly skilled staff, attention and attention to the smallest details and a personal and professional attitude. ratio. Happy attitude! Many times people choose a very high quality home intercom system and install it separately or by an unprofessional company, and soon discover that sometimes the quality of the installation is more important than the quality of the system itself.

Our private and beloved homes will not be safe from strangers if they are not secure, so it is very important to install an intercom system for private homes. This will make us feel safe from hostile and harmful elements that invade our privacy. Home intercoms integrate advanced cameras and speakers, so that if a stranger enters the house, we can fully control his entry without leaving the house and putting ourselves at risk.

There are many types of private radios, such as:

A wireless walkie-talkie is an innovative system in which the walkie-talkie connects to a wireless network and transmits data to devices such as smartphones through an Internet connection. Given this, there is no need for wires, and in fact the walkie-talkie only needs to power the external panels of the wireless walkie-talkie system.

If in the past we were asked to get up and look at the door to see who does not need to knock or knock on the door, you can connect the wireless device of the wireless home phone directly to the smartphone through an app and it will call it whenever you have a walkie-talkie – our mobile screens allow us to chat and even open doors, everything without effort and risk.

Intercoms Video intercoms provide additional security as they allow you to see and hear the face of anyone who wants to enter the house. This will allow us to choose whether to open the door and allow entry, or prevent her from safely entering without approaching the door. While video intercoms cost more than other types of private home intercoms, the security system is worth it.

Intercom systems with cameras Intercom systems in private homes with cameras allow us to see the pulse inside the door and control the opening and closing of the door. When buying a private home intercom with a camera, you should also get a warranty certificate in case something goes wrong.

If you are interested in installing a walkie-talkie in your private home, want to keep yourself and your family safe and ease access control problems, on the website you can see various tasks that our experienced technicians can perform with great skill and skill. Various options Pay attention to every detail.

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