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Home sirens are one of the most popular products in Israel for the simple reason that everyone wants their home to be free of theft and theft and this can be easily achieved by installing a siren. At IPRO USA you will find a wide variety of home security and protection systems, which also includes the most innovative home alarm systems on the market. After the installation, we can provide a letter confirming the installation of the siren in the business for the approval of the insurance company.

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Types of home alarms

We offer different types of smart alarm systems. It is important to adapt the type of home alarm to the conditions in the area and consult an expert before installation. The two main types of alerts are:

Wired Alerts – Power Based Alerts. It is connected by cables between the walls and connects the detectors to a central system, which has a keypad with codes to turn the system on and off. The advantage of this type of alarm is that there is a wide selection of detectors, and its components are usually cheaper than wireless alarms.
Wireless alarm – Wireless alarm detectors are connected via wireless transmission and their detectors are battery based only. One advantage of this system is that the installation does not require digging and fiddling with cables and wires, which makes the installation simple and easy.
Both types of sirens are reliable and effective, and serve the same purpose – to identify foreign elements that may break into the house. The choice depends on many factors such as the terrain conditions, for example, if you are building a new house or doing a major renovation, it is better to install a wired siren.

IPRO USA will adjust the home alarm perfectly for you, including professional installation by professional and reliable technicians. From the first reading to the installation of a siren in your home, we will give you expert advice and guidance. Even after installation, we conduct continuous testing to resolve any issues and concerns.

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The IPRO USA company specializes in the import and sale of protection and security systems for homes and businesses such as the installation of security cameras, sirens, radios and more.
If you’re looking to buy a home alarm that includes installation, you’ve come to the right place! Make sure you feel safe and protected by installing an alarm system for your home.

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