Intercom for a residential building

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Common building intercom systems are an important means of maintaining the safety of the shared buildings. Using radios, we can ensure that the building doors are always locked and that control over who is allowed to enter shared buildings is in the hands of the tenants. Installing an intercom system for a shared building can prevent burglaries, thefts and (God forbid) unwanted people from entering your home.

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The importance of intercom systems for shared buildings

In shared buildings in cities we often find many people entering the public complex where our home is located through the entrance of the building. Most of those who enter the building are welcome guests, but sometimes suspicious and hostile characters can also arrive who may endanger others – drug addicts, thieves, burglars and other criminals. Installing an intercom system for a residential building prevents this and is a control system that prevents damage.

How much does a walkie talkie cost for a building?

Our company provides security camera systems and intercom systems in various shapes and sizes for high-quality residential buildings: telephone intercom, coding operation, application operation, TV screen intercom and many other types. Intercom prices for shared buildings vary according to data, the best way to check the price is to call us, we will make sure it will be determined according to regional conditions, needs, number of people (child/adult/disabled) and budget!

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