Hidden security camera

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Hidden security cameras are tiny cameras that usually disguise themselves as objects to document and document situations/people without their knowledge, for covert surveillance and security purposes. You can build hidden cameras into objects. The most popular are security detectors, clock radios, motion detectors, hats, phones, pocket watches, etc.

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We can provide the Israel Police with a letter confirming the installation of security cameras to obtain a business license

It is important to note that where security cameras are installed, the public must still be informed that hidden cameras are installed there. But even in these cases, the presence of a hidden camera still has many advantages because no one knows where the camera is, even malicious people cannot find it.

How to choose a hidden security camera?

Every customer who wants to purchase a hidden security camera aims to match them with the ideal hidden camera. Does the customer want to track who is looking after their children? Or his aging parents? In this case, we advise customers not to always use high-resolution cameras, as it is not necessary to fully recognize facial features, but only to get a clear picture of what is happening at home and the behavior of the caregiver. The client told me that he has a girlfriend and, if necessary, I will suggest that he bring a high-resolution hidden camera for facial recognition.

Install a hidden camera

Although many people try to install hidden cameras on their own to save money on installation – they often find that this is a mistake. When installing a hidden camera, there are several parameters to consider, which have been studied by trained professionals but are not always taken into account. For example, installing a hidden camera must illuminate the desired shooting angle internally or externally, which may distort the image. Installers of security camera systems will be able to install hidden cameras while maximizing the camera’s area coverage for documentation and photography.

Options for hidden security cameras

Whether it is a private home, an office, a business or an organization – hidden security cameras have many advantages and allow us to expose the teachers to cases of theft, abuse and many other serious incidents and act accordingly. In recent years, many in Israel have revealed tragic events in nurseries and even in private homes that could have been stopped in time with the help of hidden cameras.

We will be happy to serve you and adapt your hidden security cameras to your needs, the terrain conditions and your budget. Come and enjoy the largest selection of cameras in Israel at unbeatable prices and great deals!

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